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Monday, November 30, 2009

speaking in tongues!

Tis the season to be jolly ... 'en francais'!
dready speaks french, who knew ... but the truth is you can't make new friends unless you speak their language, whether that language is french, spanish, italian, german, malay, sinhalese maybe (because we just tested an image for Singapore); russian, 'da da nyet nyet, da!' ... english or patois.
I like this image, in french or english ... the character on the left seems to have suddenly realized that we are out here, looking in at dready's world; it's not quite a look of surprise, but one of interest ... 
trop cool ca!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Through the mystics of tomorrow!

Reading a copy of Southwestern Art magazine, that was lurking around somebody else's space, set me to doing this dready ... 
my father, at one stage in his life, oddly for a Jamaican I thought, loved western/cowboy art ... but then I suppose it befitted that place and that time in which he loved it ... 
And I spent a lot of time on horses growing up and some of that time included ropes and spurs and cows ... some of it included sheep and motorcycles, but that's for another image and I haven't gotten to it yet ... 
There might be another point to this and it's that evolution that I spoke about before where dready moved from being about tourists and rum to being about other things...
but this one's mostly about horses and riding; I ride and I suppose because I do dready must ride as well, nuh?
Go deh dready go deh!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

yeah, but can you draw?

I dunno ...
there are a few still life's and nudes, with my name on them, lurking on people's walls ...
but why be normal ... why not do dreadys?
live love life

letting your dogs run wild

somebody told me the other day that they loved the dready art because of its 'whimsy' ... 
a bit of a cool word that ... sometimes I think you just kinda have to let the dogs run wild and do what's in your head and don't pay too much attention to all the wrong noise others are going to make about what you're doing.
I did this dready for a girl and her man.
easy nuh super!

Monday, November 23, 2009

some things are different ...

I fell into doing dready designs on boats with one called Mudslide Run ... 
what attracted me to Mundele was that I could do something a little different; if I simply thought in terms of dready being faux primitive art this would fit into that 'box' while being outside of it!
Mundele is a Central African word for white man and the 'carriole' image is of a typical hewn canoe of the kind that's punted up and down places like the Zaire river, in West Africa, carrying goods ... 
all of that and we're still having fun; inshallah brother gregg.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

playing #3 for Portsmouth FC

As part of the dready project with British Premier League team Portsmouth FC, dready got his own Portsmouth shirt and number ...
(dready plays left half back (left wing back) because he's equally good with both feet and he's quick!)
people passion pride is the Pompey motto ... good people, good football club; I'm enjoying myself already ... big up!
as a little aside; it's funny how some people just wear clothes and others make them look good!!!
thanks to the model India and the photographers Stephen Clark and Justin Uzzell -
Peace and Love

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Andrew and Andrew

There's a thing called the Antarctic Heritage Trust, and a friend of dready's is involved with it and involved in Antarctic exploration as a tool of adventure and education ... 
we're all conscious of global warming, and the two poles are epicenters of study and effect of this phenomenon the results of which we'll begin to truly feel during the course of the next 40 years ... 
We're proud of this friend's accomplishments and so I did, as a gift, this cartoon of Andrew and Andrew intrepid Penguin explorers.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

football football football

Football, the kind where you actually use your foot, is the biggest sport in the world and the British premiership is one of the biggest leagues in football.
Portsmouth FC, Pompey to their fans, is a Premiership team. 
When I finished this dready art design for them, I smiled, it made me happy just looking at it, it had a real feel good vibe ... the kind of vibe that Portsmouth fans, the Blue Army, have when they're cheering for their team ... but also because since I did the art for the Freedom of Information campaign, dready has been making this transformation from a West Indian cliche character, to just a character, to an everyman; the portsmouth art is the culmination of that transformation. 
Dready-Portsmouth FC designs are launching in December at the Pompey children's charity Christmas party ... I'm looking forward to this, to dready at portsmouth and to the things that we will do together.
Live Love Life

The people we meet along the way

I met a man at a thing and his name was Mr. Bacardi and he was as cool and interesting as the night in question: a piece of dready art had been auctioned off much earlier in the evening and he had been bidding against a woman whom he graciously allowed to have the floor, but afterward while I sipped his rum and we chatted, later he asked me to do a piece for his wife ... 
he liked Don Quixote, don't we all, so I did a piece called 'Following Quixote'. 
This year I did another dready, this time for the Bacardi Corporation; a dready art representation of their Bermuda Headquarters building ... that knocked my socks off on many levels, one it was a great piece of art and two that Bacardi chose dready ... and three I moved completely away from the purely 'Caribbean' aspects in this dready and just did a cool, fun, bright, comic piece of art.
hail the man!

Pirates Party

Different, from say the Chukka Caribbean T-shirts, subtle though it may be, is corporate art; art, that is, for advertising ... 
Red Telephone, Mobi Dogs, Taste of Cayman, Crud, Red Stripe/Cayman Distributors ... 
The dready Red Stripe Pirates Week T Shirts for 2008 and 2009 are like gold but very rare ... 'where can I get one of those dready Red Stripe shirts?' somebody asked me at a pirates party; she had a body guard whose eyes didn't smile and there were men and women in Pirates costumes everywhere, swords and knives and guns that didn't work ... so although the answer to that question is 'drink Red Stripe!', I didn't say that to her, I gave her a better hint.
dreadyworld has had a good relationship with Red Stripe/Cayman Distributors over the past year; in May 2009 I did a series of dready Red Stripe advertisements for the elections in the Cayman Islands called Vote for Red Stripe ... a campaign that I enjoyed very much.
dready likes advertising artwork.
Tek it easy!

other stuff and things

There's a whole dready sideline of things that you mightn't expect ... one of my favourites is customized cards for (weddings, parties ...) things and stuff ... there was one for a Caribbean dinner party  for the International Wine and Food Society, there was Ally's Jammin Graduation Bashment in California, James and Ania's wedding in Poland, Campbell's house warming in the Cayman Islands and Jason Henzell's 40th Birthday in Treasure Beach, Jamaica; which started as a card and actually ended up as a shirt, well two shirts actually, one red, one blue and both worn by football teams in a country vs town football match ...
What that says to me is that dready is versatile, mutable, transferable, usable, interesting, unique and very, very cool.
Peace and Love

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

rewriting history

What took you so long? 
I drew this concept for Chukka Caribbean on 4 small pieces of paper from a note pad and I drew the first ever concept for them on a napkin at my sister's dining table in Victoria, BC, Canada, in January 2005 ... dready shirts (this one's for their Ocean Safari tour) went on to be the best selling shirts at Chukka Cove, by far ... the point is, I think, that from simple beginnings bigger things arise and that each thing in its own time ...
And although Chukka Cove haven't bought any new dready shirts since 2008 (tourist business is very weak) dready art has been growing along and it seemed appropriate to find a way to show that evolution and growth. 
websites historically are static beasts ... so here we were at this sort of crossroads, as we thought about how to make www.dreadyworld.com more relevant to what dready had become, less static, more interactive and kind of 'organic' the idea of a blog, that would later become incorporated into the new website, seemed to answer the question ... so here we are ... now!
Live Love Life 

working for the man

In 2008, just a few short months after dreadyworld became a business, it took on the first big dready project: 
the Cayman Islands government were implementing their new Freedom of Information Law and wanted a user friendly User Guide to the Law and dready was asked to illustrate it. 
this was a 'big thing' step for dready on many levels; it was a large commission of 15 images, a mural wall, T shirts and sports cups, that was to be okayed at the Cabinet level of government and came with a deadline ... dready was working for the man!
The end result was a beautiful booklet, full of some very cool dready comics that explains the facets of the law in easy visuals - big up to Carole Excell and Natasha Bodden who spearheaded the project.
You can check out the end result at the link below.
big up!


dready vs dready art

I'd done some images without dready in them, with things like stingrays and turtles and dready 'stuff' but this commission for Andrew Moon of his house in the Cayman Islands was that certain something that spun me off into the direction of dready art and not merely because in the end I represented the moon family with 5 phases of the moon but also because of the other thing, the artistic license ... both 'houses' sit side by side on the sea but the main house is portrayed as seen from the road because to me it was the better view ... this commission started me thinking about the art in a completely different way and was the first time I used the phrase "dready is faux primitive art that uses a specific, often bright colour palette and a healthy touch of whimsy ..." 
walk good!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

hand drawn

dready starts out as hand drawn concepts. More often than not I use Japanese watercolour pens, pencil, sharpies and whiteout ... I use whiteout to get the 'shine' on glass.

Some people like the look and feel of the hand drawn stuff ... these were done for Susanne Fredericks at HiQo gallery in Kingston, Jamaica.
She doesn't have them yet, cause sometimes life's like that; you don't get to where you're supposed to be going when you're supposed to be there  ... but what can a man do but wait!
'Chill nuh Winston!'

daniel's chickens

the big thing idea behind dready art was that it be 'simple' in its representation of stuff it wasn't to be exact but to be recognizable ... Daniel's Chickens are a good example ... there I was busily drawing chickens that looked like chickens when Daniel Ebanks stopped by 'you're trying too hard, make them more simple' he said, it was a sort of moment of revelation about how to express something in its simplest form; we sat down, we drank some coffee and we hashed out the chickens. 
the end result was 5 lines and a coloured comb with a pointillist body ... daniel's chickens!
daniel was the very first person to buy a piece of dready art; I think he has a collection of 6 or 7 pieces and his are a reflection of the progression of dready.

Monday, November 9, 2009


from the outset dready had several partners in 'crime' ... our first customer were the Ganzee shops in Barbados and Grenada; Ganzee was very good to us doing the first shirts under license and really kicking off the whole dready merchandising thing;our friend Alison was an early dready 'lova' ... back in the Cayman Islands we were testing images on post cards with Tortuga, Island Companies and Atlantis Submarines, where we began to learn that although all the images were fun, tourists wanted images that related specifically to their 'experience'. 
With that in hand we followed in Jamaica with Chukka Caribbean; Chukka Caribbean was the first time dready did a specific design for somebody; we came up with a unique template size, based on the standard dready design, for Chukka Caribbean, the green dialog box, the length and width of the image were all uniquely Chukka Caribbean.
On the back of the Chukka Caribbean and Cayman shirts we started to do business in Antigua with Stingray City Antigua added another island to our portfolio.
Live Love Life

first art

dready started to make the foray into 'art' pretty much from the outset - the image on the left, 'dog house' was one of the earliest ... the feet are round, simple, but the humor is there already, what one dready 'lova' called whimsy ... that's the nice thing about dready is that every time I do one it makes me smile. 
dready is digital art, but it almost always starts out as a hand drawn and coloured image or concept and is then copied and transferred to digital format, where, using illustrator I add colour, character and other dready stuff ... if the final image is destined for art we create a digital watercolour or digital acrylic painting.
dready is the most fun I can have with my clothes on.
peace and love

dready beginnings

dready started out very simply. It was dready characters on coloured backgrounds ... often just off white ... very faux primitive - I say faux because I'm not a primitive or an intuitive
the idea was the creation of post cards and T shirt images for the caribbean. dready was conceived as art on a shirt ... art that represented a caribbean or west indian cliche in a humorous way ... something that would make tourists smile and want to take one home.
the image on the left was called Bashment. I first formally drew Bashment in feb 1998 and called it 'dready jam' ... I love the character 3rd from left and the way 'she' is standing ...
it's funny how much 'emotion' you can convey in a stick figure just by a tilt of the head or the position of an arm.
walk good