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Saturday, November 14, 2009

other stuff and things

There's a whole dready sideline of things that you mightn't expect ... one of my favourites is customized cards for (weddings, parties ...) things and stuff ... there was one for a Caribbean dinner party  for the International Wine and Food Society, there was Ally's Jammin Graduation Bashment in California, James and Ania's wedding in Poland, Campbell's house warming in the Cayman Islands and Jason Henzell's 40th Birthday in Treasure Beach, Jamaica; which started as a card and actually ended up as a shirt, well two shirts actually, one red, one blue and both worn by football teams in a country vs town football match ...
What that says to me is that dready is versatile, mutable, transferable, usable, interesting, unique and very, very cool.
Peace and Love

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