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Monday, December 28, 2009

Bob Marlin?

When I took this image off the dready blog header I found that I missed it so here it is again.
Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Black Marlin, Bob is an original on aluminium, it is 7" tall by 32" long and it is gorgeously beautiful! I left it in England on my recent trip to see it sold.
The first dready Marlins were done as an over and under dyptich called Blue Marlin, Bob Marlin, in a limited edition of 99 ...
I did them as an homage to Guy Harvey - www.guyharvey.com - in whose gallery I was putting them. If by some great stretch of the imagination you don't know who Guy Harvey is; he's one of the world's foremost marine wildlife artist's, a scientist and a conservationist ... and one of the world's great guys.
PS The idea of 'bob marlin' isn't original to dready there's a boat at Glistening Waters near Falmouth with that name for one ...

character study

creating caricatures is about finding that distinctive peculiarity with which to portray someone ...
when you're using dready art, which already has its own distinctive look and the added feature of its characters being both faceless and 2 dimensional you really have to think outside the box to find that representation ...
there is a huge plus side to this, and it is that you invite the viewer's imagination to come into the art with you; you give him or her a hint and let their comic mind take over.
I think this is one of the aspects of dready art that people attach to; like reading a book they're asked to participate in the art ... and that participation makes them smile.
In the attached image I used all sorts of characters, animals and other images to get the 'idea' of 17 people involved across.
I fell in love with the Kangaroo on the far left and created an image of his own for him.
dready's fire burning on the dance floor!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

swimming to the beat of a different drum!

Some friends of dready's own a company called Scimitar sportswear ...


Scimitar specializes in bespoke/custom team sportswear for soccer, cricket, netball, rugby, basketball etc and with a division that manages sports holidays for teams that want competition away from home. 
They're great set of guys with a strong future in sports clothing.  
Together, we are in the process of  creating a very cool line of dready swim and sun wear for men, women and children that includes bikinis, jams, surfer shorts, sun tops and sun hats.
Watch this space and go take a look at scimitar.
peace and love and expectations!

Monday, December 14, 2009

dancing through the snow!

We live in the Caribbean ... not the you and I we, but the me and dready we!
and so because christmas is coming it seemed only right that there be some snow ... 
notice there's no dreadys in the picture; that's because they're all inside where it's warm!!
The first snow and blue blue sky image I did was 4.5 feet long and hangs on a wall up Richmond Hill in London - I loved the bright simplicity of it in a dark wood frame ... 
the sun is shining!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

as seen on the radio!

As you go about your business doing that thing that you do you meet people that strike a chord with you ... we sat on the radio with carl ralley, DJ and the programming manager at Quay FM in Portsmouth, and we 'labrished', we chatted about dready about blue iguanas about football clubs and about how people go about the business of giving back to the community ... I liked carl.
There were a group of great people that I came across while I was lurking in their shadows: linvoy, aaron, carl, clare, the guys from jerk pan, john and basher, just to name names that I can remember in my travel worn fuzziness ...
I'm going to try and listen in on Quay when I get back home and in the mean time ...
Peace and Love!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

giving back some of the love!

It warmed the heart to watch kids, dressed in my designs, doing the Limbo and when you look here and see John Westwood and his team, who are wearing the said dready-portsmouth shirts, celebrating at the kids Cayman Christmas party at Portsmouth's Fratton Park stadium, you know what kind of fun they had ... 
some people with phenomenal energy put this gig together and they all know who they are and to them you can only say ...
PS this photograph was taken by gail ward of www.gailwardphotography.co.uk 
gail's not only a photographer but a journalist and a lady with a big social consciousness ... take the time to check her out; I enjoyed her company and you may too.

got the blues?

It rains a lot in England and dready knows this because he's at Portsmouth Football Club in the UK for the launch of dready-portsmouth fc merchandise and the beginning of a partnership between dready, the cayman islands and porstmouth fc that includes the adoption of 'Pompey', a rare Cayman Blue Iguana by the Portsmouth club - you can learn more about the blue iguana at: 
and if you facebook you can find a 'friends of pompey the cayman blue iguana' page where you can learn more about Pompey herself.
The Blue Iguana is the most endangered iguana on the planet, brought back from the brink of extinction by some very hard work ... and every little bit helps; so think about it and then maybe act on that thought.
One Love!