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Friday, January 29, 2010

the deep blue sea

There was a boat gracing the horizon of dready's view and she was beautiful ...
dig I'm not a seafaring guy ... in good yard man fashion my father never learnt to swim till he was 40 and my grandfather's favourite form of transport was a mule (well a mule and a Jaguar motor car!) ... sure, I been to sea, I fished the straits of Juan de Fuca and the deep Caribbean sea, dived off negril and snorkeled off george town, I worked on boats while they sat on dry land and while they went to sea ... but dready's really a beach bwoy, a dry land tour-ist.
All that said this boat was plain beautiful and so I felt compelled to capture it in that way that I like to ...
Ah Oy!

for better or worse!

Someone said after seeing this image that Dready had "left the shallow end of creativity for the paddling pool of commercialization [sic]"; that I'd left the unique simplicity of dready's early beginnings for something less unique and more commercial.
The first incarnation of this image, seen somewhere below, was simply the bus against a coloured background; to which someone said - "it doesn't say anything to me, it needs dreadys in the bus [sic]."
Me, I think that either as the Vdub bus alone or the band and the bus; either evolved, evolving or still just too unique to even be in the pool, it is, absolutely, positively, one of the coolest pieces of dready art I've ever done.
... and as to commercialism ...
man gotta eat!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

hot footin' through the gears!

a faded blue Land Rover 90 Series II's clattering and bouncing around farms and down country roads ... the doors on the shell tops always used to end up loose and rattling ... the idiosyncrasies are what make people love land rovers.
toyota and nissan taxis used to scatter in half way tree, parting like moses and the red sea for the land rover to pass, tyres humming, engine whirring, exhaust coughing from the hot footing through the gears.
The image is based on the 90 my auntie used to have, although hers didn't have the shell top (the top seemed to fit the purpose of the art) the polo yute is fixing it up to drive, resurrecting her from the the grave ...
Easy nuh supa!

There's a club for series II's http://www.series2club.co.uk/

dashing white sargeants!

Back to the whole idea of personalized invitation art ...
This one is an invitation to a Ceilidh (caylee), a type of Scottish party at which there are traditional dances like 'the dashing white sargeant' and 'the gay gordons' (not that there's anything wrong with that!)
dready is a bashment steppa he don't whirl an' turn an tumble down to the squeal of pipes, but he like a party, so he'll go, he'll sip a rum and skank it easy especially 'cause the girl, big her up, for whom the party will rock, is turning 40!
Live long an' prospa!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

that long and winding road!

When I was a young dread-I growing up, we used to play a game, called 'beatle bug and bash bash', when we traveled the long and winding road from Kingston to country, on our way to visit grandparents on the farm - the idea being to look out for volkswagens on the road.
We also played a game called 'mile post' the gist of which I'm sure you get ...
I can truly imagine a cool 'country' dready driving a bash bash bus out past yallahs to white horses, where everybody surfs ... then and now; only now is bigger!
ride natty ride!