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Sunday, February 28, 2010

friends in administration!

i've been following portsmouth football club ...
portsmouth went into voluntary administration on friday to avoid being forced into liquidation by what would seem to be a rather petulant 'her majesty's government'.
I like portsmouth, they like dready, I like dready, you like dready, you should like portsmouth ... in some form of happily twisted semi logic.
the attached image is one of two that i created just for portsmouth; very cool, very fun, very dready. The other one is somewhere below in the plethora of dready-ful thought and wonder-full imagery.
take the time, go to http://www.portsmouthfc.co.uk/ keep up with them, follow their football, follow their news, cheer them on, it's nice to root for the underdog! I'm rooting for them.
live strong!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rasta Auzzie!

things evolve into other things ...
i liked the harley rider's dreadlocks-ed hair from the previous post and you know i dig the dready vdub: and then someone came along and asked me to mock up a surfing idea for a pitch in australia and these things all seemed to suit the evolution into this other thing ... this 'surfing' image thing.
the flag in the background is intended to be a changeable 'icon' so that you can use the image in multiple locations just by changing that one element ... if dready wants to surf the waves in cornwall, or barbados, or white horses by yallahs, is cool!
I never surfed (i skateboarded) and i don't know why because i've always wanted to ... the lifestyle, the sea, the beach, the sport ... the surfing ... all of it would seem to be just the thing for me ... and for dready, seen ... but I just never evolved that way!

feel the motor running!

two of the things in life that i can always remember liking; steppenwolf and bikes ... neathersole, the gardner, introduced me to his honda 50 when I was just a 'liccle yute'! i used to ride on the back or sometimes on the front and hold the handle bars with him ... the honda 50's not much of a bike, but for a 5 year old it was very cool
my older sister introduced me to steppenwolf ...
and so this is what nurture vs nature is all about ... bob marley on one teat, john kay and magic carpet ride on the other.
anyhow, the other day a friend introduced me, by phone, to the guys from full throttle saloon (check them out at www.fullthrottlesaloon.com ... i ain't seen it but i hear the tv show rocks as much as the bar) and asked me to do a pitch for mike ballard and his girl ... attached is the concept.
dready likes to ride, i ride, not much, but when i do i ride happy ... me (and dready) we used to work sheep by 650 honda in the backwoods of new mexico and we've been 130 miles per hour on a race rigged suzuki katana ... the suzuki was fast, but then so was that particular life.
blouse and skirt!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I drew the kangaroo and the range rover for another piece of art (to be found somewhere below) and when I was done I'd fallen in love with them and created art around them -
I sent this art along with the following pitch to the top of Range Rover ...
"Attached is a quick sketch of the idea just to lay out look and feel (and a LR series II as a sweetner) ... you’d have animals and places and vehicles, humour, landscape, comic situations, colour, verve etc ... All easily animated ... Easily mutable to print, video, outdoor etc. transferable from culture to culture (by a change of say the hat in this case!!)."
there's nothing like shooting for the stars, the worst that can happen is that they say no and then you haven't lost a thing, you've only gained in trying ... dready, believes in himself and therefore is fearless!

Monday, February 8, 2010


this is our second year with the Massive sponsored Squash Nationals - last year's image was equally 'iconic'.
this goes back to a mixture of the ideas of personalized invitation cards and personalized advertising design all together as a T shirt design - not so unlike making Tshirt designs for Chukka Caribbean or Stingray City Antigua, but different still!
this is us doing our thing to help your thing; in general terms dready likes that idea.
Ps go check out massive group they're an interesting company, very nimble and easy to evolve to change and possibility.

Friday, February 5, 2010

graphically designed?

I dug this out because the discussion had turned toward advertising again, or maybe i'd taken it there ...
this was the image for the inaugural Taste of Cayman Food and Wine Festival at Camana Bay in 2009.
it's a good example of dready art, one, without dready actually in it (using only the idea of whimsy and primitive design and bright colours) ... and two of dready art as advertising, as marketing -
this dready pops! but it's more than that, the image has character and interest, it has verve ...
if this were on a board across a room, you'd see it right away; dready art is distinctive!
drink the koolaid and give me some love, baby!

driven to distraction!

I'd been on a kick of dready 'vehicles' and it started, I think, simultaneously with the need to draw the range rover for one client and this jeep for another -
It was a very cool commission; it included this T Shirt design and two pieces of original art based on the design one that's hanging in the new car city offices ...
The melding of dready and advertising design ...
I love the humour in this ... the husband casually sitting on the hood of a car that's perched on a sign, the salesman looking up ... the way the wife's head is cocked to one side quizically ...
artistically I fiddled with the 'box' on purpose by pushing the vehicle out of the frame ...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

da prints on da paper!

the whole idea had been to make prints, of varying sizes on very nice paper of the images we'd already put on Tshirt, post card and cedar box inlays ... as a way of giving the customer choices ... but it ended up giving dready choices of how he could be seen ... prints are cool, a way of owning some of the love ... and they're an ever evolving pantheon ... diver on blue and wrong ray

Monday, February 1, 2010

dready don't sail!

talking about boats ... this image of Java Knight was done to commemorate java's pineapple cup voyage in Feb 2009.
I went down to Jamaica for the prize giving at Montego Bay Yacht Club, dready don't like to miss a party where the rum ... and the women ... might be free. I saw some friends while I was there; nodded at a few.
the commission tested me, as it was difficult to coax that hull's shape out of what I began with ... but it taught me to start to think about the end result when I made my first mark on the paper or the screen for that matter, to visualize what I was going to do.
free yu mind!