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Saturday, February 20, 2010

feel the motor running!

two of the things in life that i can always remember liking; steppenwolf and bikes ... neathersole, the gardner, introduced me to his honda 50 when I was just a 'liccle yute'! i used to ride on the back or sometimes on the front and hold the handle bars with him ... the honda 50's not much of a bike, but for a 5 year old it was very cool
my older sister introduced me to steppenwolf ...
and so this is what nurture vs nature is all about ... bob marley on one teat, john kay and magic carpet ride on the other.
anyhow, the other day a friend introduced me, by phone, to the guys from full throttle saloon (check them out at www.fullthrottlesaloon.com ... i ain't seen it but i hear the tv show rocks as much as the bar) and asked me to do a pitch for mike ballard and his girl ... attached is the concept.
dready likes to ride, i ride, not much, but when i do i ride happy ... me (and dready) we used to work sheep by 650 honda in the backwoods of new mexico and we've been 130 miles per hour on a race rigged suzuki katana ... the suzuki was fast, but then so was that particular life.
blouse and skirt!

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