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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rasta Auzzie!

things evolve into other things ...
i liked the harley rider's dreadlocks-ed hair from the previous post and you know i dig the dready vdub: and then someone came along and asked me to mock up a surfing idea for a pitch in australia and these things all seemed to suit the evolution into this other thing ... this 'surfing' image thing.
the flag in the background is intended to be a changeable 'icon' so that you can use the image in multiple locations just by changing that one element ... if dready wants to surf the waves in cornwall, or barbados, or white horses by yallahs, is cool!
I never surfed (i skateboarded) and i don't know why because i've always wanted to ... the lifestyle, the sea, the beach, the sport ... the surfing ... all of it would seem to be just the thing for me ... and for dready, seen ... but I just never evolved that way!

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