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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

post cards

post cards, like this, were where dready first started out ... because of the low cost we could run a test of several images and see how they worked ...
learnt some stuff.
Then took the basic pattern of the card and stuck it on a shirt ...
And learnt some more stuff.
So we elongated the design for the shirts, evolved the dialogue and changed the cards all to reflect what that test had taught us.
one of the things that I've learnt is that collaboration and listening to the opinions of others is critical ...
On of the things that dready learned is that round shoes is out of style!

Monday, March 29, 2010

the picture-less post!

the idea is not to just to do dready but to create a 'world' that dready can occupy ...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

2 things

there are two things I love about this image ...
I love the hand drawings that are the start of a dready image, so simple ...
I scratch them out on pieces of 8.5 x 11 paper, start with pencil and then fill with fine tipped black marker and paint with watercoulour paints.
And I love the commentary ... I've done a few dreadys with the commentary built in because I like the humour of it ...
look at the shape of him, he's delightful ...
Laugh alot!

swim with the fishes

it was over a coffee in guy harvey's studio that the idea of a dready marlin first came up ... we were discussing the idea of stuff that I could put into his cayman shoppe.
I love the Bob Marlin series I've done to date ... some body said to me Bob just seems to be having more fun than the other marlin's!
Stir it up!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

white horses.

the hot weather warm sea dready riding the waves version ...
still it's different, like the dashing white sargeant image before it (somewhere below) because out of necessity the dready character is more 'formed' than would be normal, at the same time I tried to stay within the bounds of dready-ness.
I think I'm on a quest now to try a skateboarder ... as a yute in the rolling suburban-itys of Victoria BC where i was partially 'schooled' we did a lot of skateboarding ...
boom shaka laka!

Monday, March 22, 2010

new influences!

i keep telling the children that fiddling gets you nowhere ... don't tell them but I lied ... I been fiddling with surfing images mostly because a delightful guy from Portsmouth, Nigel Petty, has been trying to get me to come up with dready surfing images ...
and then I came across an artist named Mel McDonald who does these lovely paintings of surfers off the cornish coast and her colours inspired me and her art gave me a slightly different direction to go in than the images I'd been pursuing before ...
Jus' so you know, dready ain't be surfing no cornwall coast or the severn estuary ... dready surfing warm, caribbean breaks where you can stop for rum and fish fry!
'ang ten!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

old friends

I went to a birthday party the other day and this dready was on the wall over an elegant antique mahogany sideboard ... when I was a boy there was a similar sideboard in the house, with similar decanters of rum and scotch and gin; their sterling silver labels like chains around sweet bwoy's neck. Seeing the dready there on that wall, above that sideboard gave it a sense of place in my mind. Dready would like it there.
I did a series like this, (dare I say I went through a period ... though short lived if I recall) a very minimalist yet 'evolved' style of a revisiting of some of the very early dreadys ... but you know, with the characters progressed, matured ...
much like me.
It's not the first time dready's been through a period of 'sameness'; I did a series with a large window in an otherwise cream space (art chick and lawyer boy: the red headed artist: are two that I remember.) and right now I'm in a bit of a blue sky with cloud phase ...
The idea of this piece was to show the lives of the owner and of dready; the baller, the working man, the sweet bwoy ... dready likes to dance, I like to dance ... back to the old motto; live, love, life!
take your shirt off and dance!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the 7 words you can't say on TV!

this image makes people nervous ... and i've never quite understood why.
the thought process behind this dready, was looking at 'racism' in the caribbean context with a not very dark skinned character writing 'kill whitey' across a wall.
growing up in a mixed society like jamaica, where elitism (money in the bank ism) rather than racism was the dominant factor, at least in my mind, in mixed company when 'white' was referred to it didn't mean any jamaican in the room, it meant foreigners; North Americans, Europeans (no matter what the complexion of their skin) ...
out of many one people!

power of flower

this very simple image has its roots in earth day 2009; dready did a series of 8 foot square flower murals for the national gallery of cayman on the construction wall around the new government office building.
on the back of that I was asked to design some note cards for someone based on the flowers ... and this was the end result of that design.
this isn't really what you'd think of as a traditional dready ... but I feel that the dreadyness of this image is in its simplicity, its whimsy ...
(and the fact that i designed it!!!)
I never promised you a rose garden!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

wedded bliss?

This is one of my favourite recent dreadys; it was done for a save the date notice for a wedding ... still waiting for the two of them to decide to get married ... he's italian she's african ... together they'll have beautiful little 'afrilian' children!
dready's loves children; children are our future.
runnin wild an free!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

time longer than rope

as part of an ongoing commission to produce 7 images based on old time cayman sayings we resorted to a very cool book (if you're a Jamaican or a Caymanian I guess), published in 1910, called Jamaica Negro Proverbs and Sayings ...
this image is called 'time longer than rope'! which means both that 'time solves everything' and 'time is your enemy'
But this dready could equally have been called christmas beef!
the idea of christmas beef is that you buy a 'cow' early in the year and you fatten 'he' up with all kinds of good food, you spend time with he and you nurture he and you chat with he, you and your friends sit around and drink rum next to he and then when christmas comes ... you slit he throat and make he inna steaks!
keep your head!
PS I just noticed that I used the same cloud and birds as the pedro castle image ... repetitive cloud syndrome! And then I remembered why; because I used the Pedro Castle image as the template for these.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

taking the next step forward

pedro castle is a landmark building in the cayman islands, the end result of an undertaking by the local government to rebuild a piece of cultural heritage.
it was also a landmark in the progression of dready art ... this was the first time i'd used shadow and shading in an image and it spun me off to a whole new way of portraying the simple dready ideas.
it also started me doing a series of buildings; I did a 22' mural for antigua featuring a series of historic buildings, the image of devon house, jamaica, in the header above for a group of guys that wanted to commemorate a rugby tour ...
but more importantly, this single image was the precursor to dready images of yachts and cars and stuff that i can only think to describe as 2 dimensional 'plus' ... you know just like getting an A+ in school, shouldn't really exist but we dig it when we get one anyway!
evolution revolution!
PS this original sold at a charity auction in London to benefit island games ... cool

Monday, March 1, 2010

dready gear

everybody needs stuff and dready's got stuff; shirts, caps, bags, art, postcards, coffee cups, custom cards, bookmarks and inlaid cedar boxes ...
not everything available everywhere but everything available somewhere!
caps, bags and shirts in barbados and grenada, shirts in antigua, shirts, art and boxes in Jamaica, shirts, caps, art, boxes and postcards, caps in cayman, shirts and coffee cups at portsmouth ... everything on the world wide web ... and in each place a different dreadyness, one that reflects the time and place.
I'm really proud of the cap; great quality printing, fine twill, velcro backstrap ...
(A lesson learned is that you have to be careful of the continuity of quality through your brand, that something's as good in timbuktu as it is in providence ... so to speak!)
you can buy stuff at www.dreadyworld.com ... the site hasn't evolved as fast as dready has and certainly not as fast as this blog but you can still buy stuff, that part's easy ...