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Monday, March 1, 2010

dready gear

everybody needs stuff and dready's got stuff; shirts, caps, bags, art, postcards, coffee cups, custom cards, bookmarks and inlaid cedar boxes ...
not everything available everywhere but everything available somewhere!
caps, bags and shirts in barbados and grenada, shirts in antigua, shirts, art and boxes in Jamaica, shirts, caps, art, boxes and postcards, caps in cayman, shirts and coffee cups at portsmouth ... everything on the world wide web ... and in each place a different dreadyness, one that reflects the time and place.
I'm really proud of the cap; great quality printing, fine twill, velcro backstrap ...
(A lesson learned is that you have to be careful of the continuity of quality through your brand, that something's as good in timbuktu as it is in providence ... so to speak!)
you can buy stuff at www.dreadyworld.com ... the site hasn't evolved as fast as dready has and certainly not as fast as this blog but you can still buy stuff, that part's easy ...

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