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Sunday, March 7, 2010

taking the next step forward

pedro castle is a landmark building in the cayman islands, the end result of an undertaking by the local government to rebuild a piece of cultural heritage.
it was also a landmark in the progression of dready art ... this was the first time i'd used shadow and shading in an image and it spun me off to a whole new way of portraying the simple dready ideas.
it also started me doing a series of buildings; I did a 22' mural for antigua featuring a series of historic buildings, the image of devon house, jamaica, in the header above for a group of guys that wanted to commemorate a rugby tour ...
but more importantly, this single image was the precursor to dready images of yachts and cars and stuff that i can only think to describe as 2 dimensional 'plus' ... you know just like getting an A+ in school, shouldn't really exist but we dig it when we get one anyway!
evolution revolution!
PS this original sold at a charity auction in London to benefit island games ... cool

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