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Monday, April 26, 2010

an as yet unfinished dready ...

this, like me, is a work in progress ...
I am absolutely in love with this image.
one of the coolest things about a dready is the client's ability to participate in the process - they can feel attached to the work.
in the case of this image i'm simply waiting for the client's input to finalize ... and then it's off to scotland with it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

earth day

A year ago I did a series of flowers, for the national gallery's earth day project at the Glass House construction wall -
5 different flowers, 4 ft in diameter, on board, 8' square and painted green.
A year later, battered by the harsh environment, they're still lovely ...

Friday, April 16, 2010

going somewhere

you do a thing sometimes not understanding where that thing will lead you ... the barque in this image, the canoe, and the characters are simple as pie silhouettes ...
but the idea of more fleshed out characters started right here and moved along till I got to the dready surfers that are further south in the posts below.
also below is the dashing white sergeant who for reasons of costume had to be portrayed front on ... this doesn't mean that the traditional dready is no more just that I now have more ways of expressing him if needed ...
I'm growing up and dready is growing up with me.

Friday, April 9, 2010

the sleepy turtle

a series of 7 deady cards based on west indian sayings that are evocative of Caymanian culture for a beautiful cottage hotel http://www.caymancottontree.com/
I loved this project ...
ps: cause there's always a ps, the image didn't register properly in the transfer to jpeg, the turtle in the shadow's actually red yellow and green; bright and cool and fun!

Monday, April 5, 2010

big ship sailing on the ocean!

Apoise the yacht depicted in this image has just sold at auction and i've been secretly working away at it as a commission to the old owners.
a few days ago I showed it to a dready lova who said to me; "it's very cool but, you know, I just really like the rustic dreadys ..." And I like the rustic dreadys too ...
yet, I and the person who commissioned the art, love this ... I love it because I see the dreadyness in it, I see the colour, the simplicity in the intricacy; I see how, especially in the aft end I've created a very dready sense of Apoise.
but but but you see, for me, it also fills in a space in dready's world ... he and I look out and see this boat and although I don't have it yet, sooner or later, dready and this boat will meet in an image. and that's part of the point, it's not just dready, it's dreadyworld.
but more than just that, there was a time around 1985 (so much happening in those years they're a bit of a blur) dready and I'd just come back from New Mexico and I was working on a 117 foot yacht anchored in the new river canal behind las olas blvd and working other boat jobs same time ... I worked on boats, dready works on boats.