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Saturday, July 31, 2010

art on the wall too!

there's something salubrious about seeing your art on a wall ... an almost salacious satisfaction
this piece is especially beautiful.
I did this dready image for the very first taste of cayman food and wine festival at camana bay, now it's a print and this is #1 in the series.

Friday, July 23, 2010

planes, trains and automobiles?

should dready art be simple or more detailed ...
it's a question ...
it's a question that i'm both asked and ask of myself all the time.
and yu know what, i kinda going with the opinion that the art speaks to you as you do it; it requires certain things from you to be finished.
take this and the previous post ... the ferrari, the converse all stars, are detail, but the whole image is very spare; this image not dissimilar in the idea of detail is very full ... it kind of filled itself.
wanga gut!

Friday, July 9, 2010

it ain't easy!

when I was a yute-ish yute my father used to drive an e-type Jag, my godfather used to drive a 250GT California ...
then my father got a Buick Skylark convertible, of which I have stronger memories, but not fonder ones as it was nowhere near as lovely.
the 250GT California and the e-type could be the most beautiful cars ever designed.
Now it ain't easy to draw something like this, it doesn't take minutes but hours ... but yow, hear dis, dready likes cars, I like cars and both of us like the ferrari ...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

what's a dready worth?

what's a dready worth?
One of the joys of dready art is that it's personalized, very personalized; the client can participate in the process from start to finsih.
the avg commission takes 2 months to complete; back and forth with client, the art itself, project management involved in printing, shipping, often framing and sometimes installation.

1st class customer service
If you had to spend 2 months on a project what would that be worth to you?