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Thursday, September 16, 2010

by any other name!

in jamaica everybody have a different name; horace's name is really stephenson, bull's name was richard, skinny is skinny, but slim is not and neither of them really name skinny nor slim!
anyhow so i met a girl name chineyphat, but that's not her name and i never really even met her either; we just talk, electronically, you know, as is the way of this new world where we live and work and eat ... and this is the end result ...
i'd wondered how i was going to depict bamboo ave/walk: i know it well, have friends live right there and used to travel that road to kingston in the happy hilltop days of enfield and darliston: but dready 's about the impression of a thing, not the thing and so i didn't depict bamboo ave i just put up a sign and a shadow, because that's the cool of bamboo ave, the mottled, light, the shadow, the sense of a tunnel ...
ride with a friend!

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