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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

dready polo players entering the field ...

this is the second dready polo image ... note the rider nearest you is carrying her mallet in her left hand ...
since 1962 polo must be played right handed but here she is entering with the stick in her left hand, it seemed correct artistically ... and she is just entering not yet playing, so, ya know, I gonna leave it so.

a new series

i don't play polo (although i have played polo) but my cousins, their fathers before them and my uncles before them all play ... I grew up around the game on weekends in the country.
so, when I wanted to do a series of dreadys based around horses a few polo ones seemed to be the right shot ...
going for goal, seen!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

dready re-evolution ...

it's all still dready art but there's this whole new sideline of more evolved characters, done for specific jobs, that still adhere to the principle of the simplicity and whimsy of dreadyness.

i think that even in this you can see all the trademarks of any dready despite the fact that character has 'legs'!