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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

love everything!

when i was a yute we had german shepherds ... 'Napoleon Prince of Orange' was big and black, i was small and white; Josephine was his bitch ... they had a son my sista and i called busta; busta belonged to us, but i don't remember what his title was ... anyhow, mus' love dogs!
when it came time for Busta to be put down I had to do it - he couldn't walk anymore and he'd found himself under the shell of an old truck in the works yard of the ranch in belize - my father couldn't face the job.
this isn't an image of german shepherds but it is for a company called 'Must Love Dogs' ... when I was dreamin this up and i literally did just that, I saw the comedy of a very cool great dane and some very uncool yorkies ... i like how the great dane's legs come out of the image ...
so, all this and to say, i love dogs, i live with one called sam right now.
love everything!

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