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Monday, October 8, 2012

the time that it takes ...

doing art graphically is at once more difficult than doing it by hand and ... easier - something seemingly quite simple, like the sails in the above (sailboats in the mediterranean), took me about 3 times as long as they would have doing them by hand ...
and it's a 'big but' on purpose ... once i've done them digitally i never have to do them again; i can use them over and over, i can adjust their size almost instantly, their colour pretty darn quickly; I can use pieces of the art in other art and so the story goes on.
I do paint in the traditional way and draw and sketch; I like the instantaneousness of sketching ... that on any old piece of paper that's handy; the moment ...
but i don't want to be traditional i want to draw dreadys and this is how i do them.

nuff said (and big love)!

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