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Thursday, December 13, 2012

sailing on kingston harbour 1973(ish)

a lot of dready art sailboats recently ... one led to the next really ... this is Tacita.
Tacita was built in the UK and sailed across the atlantic first to Cayman and then to Jamaica where she was bought by a Jamaican family ... she later sailed off toward Australia but sank en-route.
kingston harbour, i'm told doesn't look like that anymore and sure, it has changed, I saw it just 2 weeks ago ...
the coastline is more crowded, quarries are gouged out of the hillsides ...
the top 6" of water is the only thing that's alive under that the harbour is septic or a-septic, dirty and poisoned ... but the sky is still lovely and the surface is still a lovely blue-grey.
smoood sailin!

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