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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Things that exist only in dready's fading memory

way down in the list of dready ness on these pages is the original version of this cayman panorama which started with 5 buildings I think ... I'd have to go look and see, as memory fails me; which brings me to the actual name of this which is, 'things that exist only in my fading memory'!

i or at least my father lived in cayman when i was a mere yute of a dreadyness and there are things that have stuck in my memory from then; the old courthouse, which is now the national museum, and my then step grandfather, the chief justice, standing at the top of the steps in his gown and wig ... that is the building in the middle with the red roof.

next to it is Dr Roy's house ... the road from South Sound used to jog around this house so it is ingrained in most people's memory. The drive-in Cinema that used to be in Bodden Town is blue-ish and further to the right ... my sister remembers seeing 'Ring of Bright Water' there and how I cried ... I thought we'd seen that at Harbour View in Jamaica, but I do remember 'Von Ryan's Express'

there are other things, less old, less to do with memories and some down-right new ... some things that I couldn't find good images of to re-render them, to refresh the memories ... the Beach Club in 1973, Hampstead Ltd's office in Town, the Merren Shop next door, Miss Annie Huldah Bodden's place in South Sound which I remember as low, long roofed; very shaded and pretty close on to the side of the road in South Sound ... but memory fades so I don't know what's true in the passage of time ...

walk good!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

dready's where the Rass is my horse?

                     dready art's 'where the rass is my horse?' - 40x15 - limited edition print

I drew this as an homage and as a tease to my young cousin, who fell off and lost his horse during a rush pony change during a match.

adding it to my horse series ... ya know, even without the horse!