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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

new Dready s in the works

there are two things in 'business', continuity and change - there has to be that basic underlying principle or idea on which your foundation sits and there has to be a constant evolution at the same time to keep things alive and interesting for your customers ...

innovative constancy if you will!

to that end 1) all the original dready stuff is still available and as I evolve I try to keep my eye and mind on that.
                 2) i'm constantly evolving with dready art, each new commission plays with either the original tenet and stretches the idea of it or takes me off in a new direction, one that in itself evolves ...

I try to stick to simplicity, it's the dready signature, an indication of a thing rather than the thing itself, simple backgrounds, simple lines ... that said some images are more simple than others, some lines more defined.

side by side in the dready T shirt image above is a more refined character and an original chicken ... not so far apart when you get right down to it ...

peace and love and evolution!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

a panorama in the true sense ... dready style

the room, when it was done was transformed, floor to ceiling, 105 foot around, 360 degrees, doors painted to match the scene ... a dready panorama in the true sense.

during the show one guest said to me that it was like 'a room full of happy' ... very cool.

big up!

Dready on TV ...


talking about the dready panorama exhibition during the transformation of the room ... i never realized my belly was soooooooo big!

peace and love