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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dready pirates of the caribbean ...

there was a time in the history of the caribbean when pirates/privateers/buccaneers were given a charter to harass ... the French gave charter to harass the English, the English gave charter to harass the french; a time when pirates were lauded rather than criminalized.

Port Royal, a buccaneer port in Jamaica became one of the wealthiest ports in the world. a privateer, Henry Morgan became governor of Jamaica.

every year, in November, the Cayman Islands celebrates pirates week, beginning with the pirates landing and the symbolic capture of the governor and then setting off on a week of festivities and cultural district days to celebrate a small part of its history as a place where privateers came to stock up on rope, turtle and water and careen and clean their boats

i first did the dready pirate skull and cross-bones as part of a pirates week design, it was on a flag in the art ... it has red yellow and green lines in the skull, a nod to rasta colours (african colours) that are always a part of the Caribbean theme, an indication of the important role west africa has played in the history of the americas ... and a gold tooth and earring for an extra bit of whimsy ...

is a very simple but cool design. i want to use it on surfboards and skateboards.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dready for Turtle Bay

if you're in the UK between May and July of 2013 you can go into a Turtle Bay restaurant, Bristol, Nottingham, Milton Keynes and Southhampton (and coming in London and other locations) and get a chance to win a very limited edition piece of dready art and an all expenses paid vacation to the Cayman Islands.

it's 40 inches long on canvas, there'll only be 15 ever made ... it's called the coconut man.

i really love this image, think its very cool - it uses two dready characters that i've come to think of as the 'Trustafarians' and whom i put into all sorts of situations.

they make me smile ...

don't it!

buying a dready

i do some 40 plus dready commissions a year and in between i do print series and wedding invites and card designs and Tshirt ideas and stuff and t'ing ...

the goal is to get to a place where you can have and see and find dready art in different, accessible and beautiful ways.

above is a birthday commission for someone ... the look of happiness on his face as he examined the aspects of his life that people felt would hold special meaning for him, how he bent in close to the canvas to see the little details was a very cool thing to see.