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Saturday, August 17, 2013

lifestyles of the rich and famous ...

this dready started with the drawing of the figure on the left ... a cool photograph got me doing it and having drawn it i was looking for a setting for him and this began to emerge.

right now i'm calling it 'upper st andrew life' (but it could be 'LA life' or 'miami vice', both of which i also thought about ...)

kingston, jamaica, sits in the parish of st andrew and flows from the harbour, kingston itself, through the liguanea and up into the 7 hills that surround the coastal plain.

anything north and east of halfway tree, where the land starts to rise more quickly,  is considered 'upper st andrew' ... and the more upper you get, usually the wealthier you get. And in the cool mountain air it becomes not just a place but a lifestyle ...

livin' it large ...

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