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Sunday, May 25, 2014

the continuing adventures ...

                      A Man his dog and his boat - Original on Canvas 40x13

so, see me here continuing the commission of the tin tin inspired dready art, of the adventures of a man and his dog ...

as a yute I loved comic books, loved tin tin ... there was this series of 'commando' comics; small book like comics with world war two stories, very cool - I can remember in belize sitting in the works yard with clarkie and the men all of us reading and swapping commando comics over a lunch time, the smell of diesel and burnt oil ...

they write, or they used to write, tin tin in all sort of european languages, tin tin and astrix and obelisk, in dead and dying ones too, languages like basque and catalan and provencal and latin - they never came in patois! - so that kids in school could use them to learn. somewhere stashed away I have a bunch of them, including some in french.


taking a dready home ...

                       Over and Under - Original on Canvas 26x26

so, a couple, young and making their lives together, who live in chicago, wanted to commission a piece of dready art about cayman and the times they've spent here.

it is their 2nd piece of dready art.

and here it is ... simple and cool ... over and under.

i like living in cayman.

even if we don't consider the time I spent here as a yute - i have now been here twice as long as anywhere else i have lived (and there been a few) - Belize don't count 'cause I visited my father there every year for 22 years but is not the same as living in a place, zeeeen; jamaica don't count 'cause I was gone by 13 (gone to boarding school at 9), even though my mummy was still there.

and people that come here tend to like it too: is a comfortable, progressive, easy place, all the beauty in the world looking out to sea; modern, friendly, inclusive - hell of a lifestyle - all that and still a little piece of the caribbean; which is good for an island bwoy.

is my home.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

one t'ing leads to another ...

I was working on 2 dready images this week, both to do with london and for one of them i drew the above character as kinda background noise ...

and i liked him. and then i started to envisage him in a dready all of his own and how that might look ...

an estimated 4% of londoners are of Jamaican heritage; children of a diaspora that started in the late 50's and eventually saw the country bled of its middle classes; black, white, chinese, indian ...

but there are also trinis and bajans and antiguans and grenadians ... people of mixed caribbean heritage make up the fastest growing portion of the population of uk.

so, here yu have him, all suited up, bowler hatted, but without he shoes ... looking, for all intents and purposes, like an englishman but his bare feet and his goat tell you he's not.

And in the end it evolved to loose the london visuals and just be a man and a goat without the background distractions to influence your perceptions.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

dready 1963 volkswagen kombi bus ...

                             1963 Kombi VDub - Limited Edition Print 24x24

I have worked on a bunch of dready cars the last 3 weeks ...

I think this might be the last one for a bit ...

the (1963) volkswagen kombi bus is iconic, it symbolizes peace and love and freedom.

not much else a dooood can say to top that.

big love!

the dready art business of business

if there were a headline it would read: dready takes to the streets of London with yogo yoga ...

every now and again somebody asks me to dready - fy their business ...

i did one for a business consulting company a while ago and last week i did this for yogo yoga in london for her biz cards and a more detailed dready for her website and we'll work on her collateral as needed.

there's a few very cool things about this; firstly it is a thing indicative of the world today and of dready -

I'm sitting here at home in cayman and doing a piece of art for someone in london.

I send the files of my design over to a friend, remotely, also living in cayman but from dublin - he is a talented graphic designer, and he takes my mock-up and finishes it off and emails it back to me better than before, and i send it off to london to be printed.

dready is global. that is now a fact and that is cool - I have pieces of art doing right now for London, New Zealand, Saudi, Thailand, ohio, jamaica, puerto rico, Ireland and cayman ...

is a modern world!

peace, strength, happiness, health!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

the dready and the goat ...

                  dready art 1963 porsche 356B - Limited Edition Print 40x14

So ... I have to admit I'm having a moment with goats ... is a Jamaican thing, or t'ing if you prefer ... is a t'ing.

just in case you're coming to this for the first time, i'm a born jamaican, dready is a born jamaican, although we both spend our lives in other places these days; he in my imagination and me, in the cayman islands.

everywhere you go in Jamaica there are goats, the crazy t'ing is that these goats ain't feral, they not wild, they is peoples' goats and when the peoples' are ready, they come they get a goat and they eat its rass!

presumably in between the goats go home and eat some goat feed, but in the meantime they wander about, like as if they was wild, just doing their own t'ing.

I like curried goat. I like roasted goat. I like live goat I like dead goat ... goats are cool. A goat sitting in the back of a 1963 356B is supah cool!

Supah Cool!