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Monday, June 30, 2014

the simplest of things ...

                    Dready Skater Girl - Limited Edition Print 24x24

the simplest of things can inspire you when you're doing a piece of art, in this case it was the girl's body position - something very cool about it.

used to love skateboarding down the road as a yute and every now and again I do it still (imagine that), but this island where i live is flat like a pancake, the highest point is the garbage dump ... there's a great skate park but it's way beyond my skill set.

I want room to roam, ya know; is like riding a horse in a ring, cool enough but it's so much nicer on a trail - the last time i skateboarded was in the high-rise car park ... not scenic, not very nice.

anyhow, she looked real cool and free and having fun and so i drew her and because it reminded me of all that ...


Friday, June 27, 2014

a Dready family portrait

                  Dready s 'The Portrait of 5 Minutes before the Portrait' - Original on Canvas 28 x 18

once upon a time there was this family portrait i had to do; is an old, well known jamaican family, with a regal matriarch, and an entrenchment in society going back back back in time and i know them from time, my father, my grandfather ...

so, i had this idea for a 'royal' portrait - but with a twist; it was to be 'those moments just before a royal portrait'.

what would people be doing? how would they look?

so people are having a drink, there's a cigarette burning on the mantelpiece, mother hasn't decided where she's going to stand or sit, the cat's under the sofa, dad is lounging in his seat, everybody's chatting, somebody is pointing out at the camera-man, they're waiting for instruction ... but soon, soon they'll be posed and poised ...

we've caught them in a moment.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

on the framing table ...

i'm a lucky man 'cause if dreadys are cool in abstract on the computer screen, they are even more so in person; in person they glow.

there's a bit of 'way', in which we like to frame dreadys, that is a little outside the norm:

on canvas - traditionally canvas art is stretched with colour all the way around the bars of wood … but, dreadys, already framed inside an outline of black, seem to like an inch of clean white canvas all the way around the image, drawing your eye into the art. Glenn, who does most of the dready framing locally came up with the idea and we've been running with it since.
the framing can be anything simple and preferably wide. shadow box framing works well with canvases.

on paper - watercolour paper works well for dreadys but the framing is not so untraditional - we still like to leave an inch of white but it's no longer necessary, because you can use wide matting, at least 3 inches, to draw the eye to the art in the middle. Two shades of matting, one thick, one thin work well - there's a lot of colour in the art. framing is best with the use simple, modern designs, thick frames … black, bronze, deep browns work well.

I like wide simple frames, because the art is modern; I like shadow box framing with the canvases. I like wide framing and wide matting. experiments with coloured frames have worked really well if the space they're going in is modern itself.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dready in New York

you struggle with the idea for a dready sometimes - how are you going to portray something that somebody wants in a way that works for dready art ... and this, this is just half the image, but this was the key for me, this scene took an image that was feeling ordinary and changed it.

i spent quite a bit of time in new york in the late 80's and again in the early 2000's - spent 10 weeks in just one year: queens, upper west side, lower east against the river, travelled with yardies who had grown up in new york, saw the city, did new jersey, long island and connecticut ... i'll be straight up, I prefer London, hands down, on every level.

new york does have better bagels!

but this wasn t about me, it was about what the client liked and she likes new york, she prefers new york to london ...

anyhow, i drew an awesome new york ...


Thursday, June 5, 2014

dready art, cottage in the cotswolds ...

                         Cotswolds Portrait - Original on Canvas 40x14

this is a new new thing ... this is the first commission by someone out of the normal course of things out of the normal loop, someone removed from the sphere of influence; this is 3rd party art, word of mouth art.

this is cool art.

the cotswolds is one of those fantasy holiday areas; it is in the west of england, close to wales, it is full of quaint cottages and lakes and streams and rivers and rolling hills, often bucolic and certainly beautiful ...

like the dready art itself though, this is a modern cottage.

i went to boarding school, for a time just beyond the cotswolds in the malvern hills ... beautiful now, then in was the anathema of a little west indian yute ... hate is probably too strong a word actually; I hated going, but once settled in, life at school was actually pretty cool, the malvern hills were full of adventure for boys and school was never arduous - good food, nice boys, sports, games, first in the bracken, walks in the hills ...

i like the mallard entering the scene from the right, the boat at the shore ... hidden in the picture is a dready chicken because I couldn't find a suitable place for a touch of the west indies/caribbean; I'd thought of naming the boat in red yellow and green, but it didn't fit nicely.

funny the things that go into a piece of art, we actually had a discussion about how the sunglasses were to sit on the father's head ... I liked them sitting on top, not over his eyes and someone suggested that this was more open, engaged; the process of getting to the end of a commission is very cool indeed.

walk good!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

in wimbledon ...

                      Wimbledon - Original Tryptich on canvas 24x20                    

the remit for this dready was a busy london, a quiet cayman beach and wimbledon ... and tie them together somehow.

and they had to fit a 14 foot wall without the cost of 14 foot of art!

oooh and they had to have a blue vespa and they had to have a dready chicken!

so the idea was a triptych of 3 separate pieces making up the one piece so you could spread them out a 'liccle' bit across the 14 foot wall and still consider it a single image.

I been to wimbledon, not the tennis, the place, the 'common' - cyant remember why ... probably something to do with charlie who lives near-ish by.

so cool for me was that this piece of dready art lead directly to the development of an even larger London background and to another piece of art completely ... the bowler hatted man, with his bare feet and a goat that's below in the blog. And the two tennis players ... love them, they're cool... and the girl casually leaning on the vespa ...