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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Buon Giorno Dready ...

i had a window on to the grand canal, at canal level, near san samuele as i drew this bit of dready art … life was literally passing me by … the boats, the gondalas, the taxis, the ferries …

but it was the taxis that thrilled me with their highly glazed wood, the drivers only half piloting the boats as they text and talk on their cell phones … even the gondolas didn't compare for me.

I been fascinated by 'slipper boats' and rivas and thames launches and t'ings like that for years; their styling the glazed mahogany, the classic lines … and these have that same panache.

… in spades.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

whimsy and weed ...

                      Dready Art Caribbean Blazed Shrimp - Limited Edition Print 22x14

ganja often makes an appearance in dready art ...

is not because i approve or disapprove of weed but because dready is, at its grass roots, whimsically linked to my heritage.

West Indian's smoke weed - i've heard it said that 67% of Jamaicans smoke weed and knowing a few other islands pretty well, i'mma kinda figure that that number's pretty good for most of the Caribbean.

... someone asked me to draw a shrimp, a prawn actually, as a gift for a friend who is a chef and asked me to do it in the traditional dready style, which would include: simplicity, bold colour, red yellow and green, whimsy and weed.

so, Caribbean Blazed Prawn ...