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Friday, December 11, 2015

dready of cricket square

                    Dready's 'Partner Ground, Cricket Square' - 60"x20" - original on canvas

this has been the coolest of commissions to do; a lot of stuff and t'ings going on it it that made it fun - and over the years have spent a lot of time at cricket square's brasserie restaurant and the brasserie market place - chateau chooks in the bottom right corner, Jacko's auto which i liked so much, i turned into its own print series ... the palm trees ... ya know, palm trees, pah, not much of thing, but no, truly aesthetically i love them.

there are always these little bits in a dready that you need to look for, things that mean something to the person who has commissioned it ... the blind dog, toffee, in the security car, the cricket game in the middle [because this was cayman's original cricket ground, called partner ground] ... why? because you should see peoples faces when they move through the dready and discover these little elements.

i love what i do.

peace ...

and love!

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