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Saturday, May 28, 2016

dready companion piece

                               dready s 'de jerk spot.' - 20x30 - image

jerk's a big thing in my world ... outside of jamaica (and even sometimes in Jamaica) it's most frequently encountered as 'pan chicken', cooked on an old oil drum cut in half and turned into a bbq, using coal - this is really smoked chicken/pork with jerk seasoning

jerk jerk is smoked over green pimento stick or green sweet stick above a fire ... and so yes it's still smoked, but the stick sweats out a flavour that it ads to the process and so proper jerk is slightly different ... not gonna say is better but is different.

I like jerk, after a few weeks if I haven't had some I want some, there's some good jerk around cayman, pass it and the wafting scent of it makes you hungry ... but still the minute I touch down in Jamaica I wanna search out a scotchies to eat some good and proper jerk


Friday, May 27, 2016

dready outside the trattoria ...

                  dready 'outside the trattoria' - 20x30 - indeciso ...

right below this post, in the blog, were two characters amongst many ...

I took an 'italian-esque' space that I'd drawn, took out some elements, added back a few other elements and put them into the scene ...

'italian food' with it's heavy on pasta menus don't thrill me much, but in real life, in italy, the food is awesome lovely and diverse and pasta is a course or a side dish not a whole effing menu - across northern italy, the only area i've been to, the towns of lake como, the villages across from bergamo to venice; italy has a beautiful vibe, you can wallow in italy, get it all over yourself ...

one t'ing i do know, if you add some jerk chicken to pasta, with some jerk in the sauce and a little scotch bonnet pepper extra, it improves it drastically!

ciao ...

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dready or Dready ...

                               'here fishy fishy' - 36x12 - original on canvas

some people like their dreadys traditional, some people like them evolved and for the life of me, when I first meet someone to discuss a drawing, i never know who's gonna ask for which.


Saturday, May 7, 2016

dready for fun-draising ...

                       dready turtle for rotary fundraising

so, as you may kinda know by this some pieces of dready art donate to charity for every piece sold; anything with a goat donates to the Jamaica Environment Trust, the Lionfish donates to CCMI, the NYC skyline to Children's Tumor Foundation ... but aside from that about 4 times a year somebody asks me to donate a piece of art to the cause.

Rotary is one of them. I'm not a Rotarian but I think that the programmes they engage in, like meals on wheels, are great and so I happily donate and am fortunate that the dreadys get a strong price point at auction and so the charities benefit from that.

give t'anks!