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Friday, November 18, 2016

dready dressage

                       dready 'dressage rider - bwoy' - limited edition archival pigment print - 40x14

i did a series of riding dreadys because my daughter asked me to, and the dressage rider - girl was hands down my favourite; it's just really really subtle and simple, and the brown just seemed to combine with the blue to make something very cool.

then somebody asked me to do the boy version which I did ... but I always kinda felt that something was missing, and not just the red, yellow and green and didn't truly love love love the boy one as much ...

anyhow I updated them both last week and included some red, yellow and green ...

                    dready 'dressage rider - gyal' - limited edition print # of 99 - 40x14

even now looking at them both the girl, that shock of yellow for her hair just rocks but I like them better now.

giddyup ...

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