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Friday, April 14, 2017

dready a rude bwoy jamaican

                            dready art's 'rude bwoy' - image

i'd already drawn the bones of this dready as part of another idea: one about fashion and street style, and how it's reflected in the caribbean world that I know, when bling asked me if I'd draw him into a dready ...

and as i was thinking of how i would do that, i was reminded of the eek-a-mouse reggae song, 'rude bwoy jamaican', by someone ... there sitting at lunch, she had video-ed Eek singing, at round hill - dooood has an amazing deep melodious voice; 'bread in de oven baking, here come de rude bwoy jamaican' ...

and so as I sat listening to it, the idea of reimagining this dready came to mind - because of his style and vibe and verve and the way he was walking and t'ing ... 'cause this is him, this is the rude bwoy.

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