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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Dready, it's carnival time again

                    dready art 'Moko Jumbies' - 29x20 - original on canvas

is carnival time again, one after the other up and down the islands carnival, jump up, road march, soca music, costumes and stilted walkers known as 'moko jumbies' ...

I haven't seen the big carnivals of trinidad, rio, new orleans or even venice - have never done road march in costume - have only seen smaller ones of jamaica, cayman and belize; road on the back of a 'big truck' in belize where a band I was with was playing, love to walk the route, see the people, interact, hang, dance, go to the street parties - whether you go or not, carnival permeates the scene, uo get affected by it, the new music of the season begins to crop up, the carnival hits of the mas players bands come on the radio, photos of the costumes flitter across social media ... in trinidad everything shuts down for a week.

I wanted to throw every carnival into the hat on this one ... and so ...

get behind the big truck ... high walk, shadow, butterfly, waaaaaave

life is good ...

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