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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Dready - a day at the beach

                          dready art 'the mccabe's beach huts' - 48x14 - original commission on canvas

i'd thought that these beach huts were an 'english' thing - huts on the beach that you own, or rent, they're not for living in, just for keeping your beach stuff, maybe having a snooze, store your bbq and your paddle board ...

but come to find that they had them in europe, in australia, in new zealand and other places too ... who knew!

and so we used them to create the vibe of the places that they'd lived and grown in ...

a nice bright colourful way to do it, eh!

life at the beach ...

dready flip flops

                    dready flip flops ... available only in cayman, soon to be available online.

Monday, June 5, 2017

dready art, art shows, london ... and moments

                  dready art 'buon giorno venice' - original on canvas

i'd drawn this dready about 2 years ago and tucked it away, for this show ... then the show was delayed ... twice  ...

but finally here she is in all her glory at the oxo tower group show in london sponsored by mourant ozannes and curated by saunders fine art gallery.

i loved this place and this dready; venice is an amazing city and the desk that I sat at, when we weren't exploring, had fantastic views

in venice, that week that inspired this, my desk was at water level looking out onto the grand canal and I drew, looking out at the verve and swish and action of all the movement of venice in full swing ... you never imagine that the canals would be like european high streets, full of taxis and buses and hustle and bustle but all taking place on the water.

Showing in london was an experience, the venue was drop dead coolness, overlooking the thames - and this dready, drawn as it was, seemed to me to fit the vibe of a spot where if I were to throw something out the window I wouldn't have any trouble hitting a passer by on the river ... and London, itself, is always always interesting.

we stayed in primrose hill, where I had never been, and which, surrounded by parks and walks and choices of high streets and restaurants and canals ... you can't compare the 2 cities, a walk along the canal at the camden locks is no passegiata along the alleyways of San Samuele.

peace-ness and beauty ...