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Monday, October 30, 2017

dready 'many rivers to cross'

                        dready art's 'tanya's sky at blackfriars' - original image

'many rivers to cross' is one of my favourite songs ...

and i really should say that the jimmy cliff version is my top, and it is, on some days, but jah know, i also really like the UB40 version, alot, especially the electronic opening ...

I know right!

it's a story about a jamaican coming to england - but the allegory is about the rivers of babylon - wandering I am lost ...

so, here we were in london, and we crossed the thames to get to the venue, a show, with saunders fine art and mourant, which was in the oxo tower, we crossed the river looking for god knows what.

and this was roughly the view looking back ... looking out of the window of the gallery space the barge was heading up the river, at the point where the river and the sea stopped mixing ... where  the foreign and the local became one.

the sky was grey and dull though, not rich and blue, but as I was sitting and drawing this, I think at the time in italy, tanya posted a pic looking up at the sky, a gorgeous blue and so I stole it ... and used it ...

allegory of sorts ...

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

dready link-ups

dready 'blues iguana' on a coaster for walkers global

dready kimpton seafire bookmarks - 'frenchie, daniel's chicken, brown dog, sea life'

Thursday, October 19, 2017

dready work (play) balance

                     dready art -'work stay balance' - 40x24 - original on canvas

i work all the time, let me just say that right off the bat - luckily I do work with the freedom of time and space - but because I am a busy artists and a completely one-man-band I can t just take a holiday and expect other people to fill in for me.

orders for prints must be placed, and shipping documents produced, art must be drawn, even if I am in africa, canada or scotland ... or the bush of jamaica.

but there needs to be some balance, so i try to take saturdays completely off ... I try to work to a schedule, start every day at the same time and dig into my work, while allowing some flexibility during the course of the day for freedom of time and movement.

and that's what this art's about essentially - it's about a place, a hotel, that while you work offers you other balances in life ... wholesome food, exercise, meditation, wellness, calm surroundings ... as it breaks down and begins to build they wanted a piece of art to remind themselves and clients about the vision they have in mind.

easy skanking

Monday, October 16, 2017

dready al fahl the camel

                          dready s 'al fahl' the camel - limited edition HD archival pigment print - 20x30in

camel's have such interesting faces, expressions, and the most whimsical of bodies ...

the humour in them almost draws itself ...

I've never ridden a camel ...


Sunday, October 15, 2017

dready stories of life

                     dready art 'big lizard' -20x12 - original on paper

when it comes time to drawing a dready, I'm looking for a story to tell, especially one with a little whimsy in it ... this one told itself really ...

it came, though, encapsulated with other memories ...

the person who had commissioned the idea, as a gift for friends, had in the meantime died: I had known her well for many years and she'd asked me to do it and I had said i'd do it for love not money ... after her death her family agreed that I could continue and we all worked together to an end.

but it wasn't just her memory that came along on the journey - it is a story about Jamaicans, after all!

my mother is deathly 'fraid of lizard and so many funny memories of the way that she used to dash and dance through doorways at Goshen worried about croaking lizard dropping on her head, peaking in first to make sure the beast wasn't over the doorway

my sister same way ...

One of my favourite 'uncles', with whom I spent a lot of time when we were all living in florida used to have a constant battle with lizard ... here a grown, manly man, would tip toe 'round lizards in the back yard, by the pool, like they was dragons! one week there was a story in the Sun Sentinnel newspaper about a pet Kimodo having escaped in the Hollywood area, and immediately I had this image, in my head, of uncle c, with a tin of baygon bug spray, confronting this big lizard in the yard, 'fraid for his life ...

i've seen people who face down gun man bullets and don't panic, go all shivery over croaking lizard ...

me, I don't like snake

Friday, October 6, 2017

dready - the giving of love

                       Central Caribbean Marine Institute 2017 annual fund raising dinner programme

dready has committed to several charities and the CCMI is just one of them (dready in conjunction with Neil DeVere donates a portion of every dready lion fish sale), others include: Force Blue, a retired/injured US special forces charity that links ex servicemen with marine environmental projects; Jamaica Environment Trust, a Jamaican charity focused on education about, action for and preservation of the Jamaican environment; Children's Tumor Foundation, a New York based charity dedicated to helping sick children; Hospice Care Cayman, offering free hospice care to terminally ill patients (brand new for dready) - the idea is that we set aside print series that donate a portion of each sale toward these charities and when asked we do work for invitations and programmes and christmas cards - dready christmas cards are always free - and things like this that help the charity (find that this works better, over the long term, than giving them a piece of art for charity auction)

charity giving sounds like it might be a bit of a PR stunt sometimes, but in fact it's a pretty selfless thing - charities aren't particularly organised for PR; they are more often volunteer based, with a flurry of activity around fund raising and special events, and their focus is fund raising for themselves not love for the donations you give - the people involved are often giving substantially of their free time, so to them your giving only seems natural.

So when you choose to give to a charity, chose it because you feel the cause is worthwhile, not because you think the publicity will bring you love.

big love ...