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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

dready s under the shade of the poicinana tree

                       dready 'poinciana tree' - 58x16 - limited edition hd archival pigment print

the poincianas are in bloom as we speak, lush and red and lovely - delonix regia - they leap out at you from the foreign bush, create hollow avenues across the roadway to bodden town, spark life into a dusty garden on the liguanea; they are native to the dry woodlands of Madagascar ... but not just there any more ...

they are incredibly beautiful.

underneath the shade of this tree a little cricket bat leans up ... a game yet to be played, or one just finished and everybody gone for some limeade belly-wash ...


Thursday, July 19, 2018

dready from logo ideas to art

                              dready 'we're never, ever, going home' - 48x16 - image

as i continue developing this series of images for a project playing with different ways of portraying characters and ideas around the client's own image and corporate 'thing'

this is about the idea of being on holiday and just not wanting to ever go home ...

we've all felt that, eh, not wanting to go back to school after summer holidays, not wanting to leave a weekend retreat with friends, wanting to stay in that paradise just one more week ... island company, a resort wear business thrives on just that vibe, eh; they have a sticker: Quit your job, buy a ticket, get a tan, fall in love, never return ...

that's the idea am after here in this art ...

fall in love ... never return.

linger ...

dready the beach shorts

                    Patrick McAleenan by the pool in his custom orlebar brown dready 'the journey' shorts.

Patrick came to me with an idea for orlebar brown and dready - orlebar brown is a very very cool, very hip, UK men's beach and pool fashion brand and as part of the process we ordered up some custom shorts.

you can do this yourself at orlebar brown's website - very very coolness

and wear them by the pool or by the beach, seeeeen

sunny days ...

dready in the magazine and on the web

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Monday, July 9, 2018

dready pompey playah

                    dready 'football playah' - 18x13 - limited edition HD archival pigment print

the world cup is on and i dunno who to root for but the excitement's palpable ... years ago I did some art for portsmouth football club and quay radio in portsmouth, uk that was all about football; sadly PFC went broke in the midst of it, but we did a really fun childrens christmas party and I flew to UK to take part and sign shirts and hang with portsmouth kids.

and we managed to print 250 dready PFC coffee cups too ... they must be the rarest dready commodity in the world; I don't even have one.

anyhow some cool drawings came out of it and I just resurrected this one to life again ...

I played football growing up all the time, and in my summers when away at school; rugby in september, football in june ... even now, sometimes when rugby isn't on i go and play football - i played left half, not a sexy player, probably not even a very good player, workman like ...

baller ...

Friday, July 6, 2018

dready art - play together, stay together

                   dready 'play together, stay together' - image

I'm in the midst of a series of art and this is one of the first images to come out of it ...

which is cool because I don't really have any tennis images yet ...

I don't remember playing tennis before going away to boarding school (a lot of sports firsts there, eh!) as a small small boy; it was a summer game, 'cause england cold and wet!, and I liked the shirt, a loose, soft pique cotton, white shorts, white canvas shoes, wooden racquets ...

I continued to play tennis, in some vague, and always fun way - and badminton too! - when I went on to school in canada (in the summers of course, 'cause cold and wet again) ... there was, for a while, a public indoor courts down the road ... warm and dry!

sometimes at home in Jamaica, on holiday, mickey liked to play, he was good at all sports, and sometimes would tolerate me along; then when I lived in florida, during and after college, tennis was everywhere and every day.

It wasn't till I moved to cayman that I stopped playing almost completely ... there was a tennis club just down the road, but, dunno, didn't feel like it; learnt to play squash instead ...

so now, don't play tennis more than so anymore ... but I still like it and the memory of the soft cotton shirt

Love ...

dready s a rugby player

                        dready art 'westin seven's' player - 12x12 limited edition HD archival pigment print

I play rugby ... it's a thing that I do and really like; played my first game as a boy of 9, in a cow pasture, while away at a boarding school, and fell in love.

the longest running heineken sponsored event in the world (I am told) is the 7's here in the Cayman Islands, and fortunately they still let me play.

the first time I played 7's - which I think may be the best iteration of the game - it was for 'the mild mannered janitors', a barbarian team made up of visitors from UK and me, and put together by a guy named Guy.

nowadays i play for a team made up of the westin family and some friends ... and I draw a dude to go on the shirts!

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