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Sunday, June 23, 2019

dready and the pontiac parisienne

                           dready art 'billys endless summer' - 36x13 - image

I was looking for a vehicle to do a thing for some people from a place - the right car, when a road trip we had taken, on a visit to canada, when I was a yute - from victoria bc to the calgary stampede came to mind - there were  10 of us, I think, 4 adults and 6 kids ... there was a camper in the bed of a pickup truck and a safari wagon with the boot made up as one large bed: memories fade, eh, and I was young young, 7 or 8, maybe, but i guess the adults slept in hotels/motels/holidayinns while we kids fended for ourselves in the 'rough'.

the calgary stampede was cool ...

when we first, as kids, arrived in belize, a country where there were no paved roads outside of the big towns - and even then I think more as a way of keeping down dust rather than as a nod to modernity - I was surprised to see that the roads weren't filled with pickup trucks and 4x4 s, sure there were some, but the majority of cars were ford sedans and station wagons ... sure there was the odd chevy, but this was a country of old fords and it was a mercury station wagon that met us and took us 2/3rds of the way across the country to the blancaneaux lodge in the mountain pine ridge, via the ranch at mile 5 ...

'nothing lasts forever but old fords and natural stone' ...

I think that the Parisienne was an only in canada 'model' name but certainly the 'safaris' were everywhere in gm/chevy/buick/oldsmobile/pontiac brands ... and they're cool in their kitch-ness, their 70's-ness, and big and suit the surfer scene ... i don't even remember what kinda car we went to calgary in and why i didn't chose a mercury marquis as the car of choice 'cause jah know I sat in enough of them ... maybe the shape of the wood sides!

give good wood!

bless ...

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