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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

dready s mother ...

               dready 'vancouver skyline' - 60x18 - image

I pulled this vancouver skyline out of another dready that I had done a few years ago, for a company in vancouver, because it really is so damn pretty ...

am so in love with colour of the sky ... ooooooooooooh!

i thought of it today because I was signing the dready below in the blog feed called 'family van' and because i was talking to my mother on the phone.

see, 'cause my mother migrated to vancouver from jamaica to follow my sister and myself, who had moved to bc for school; but by the time she had moved i was just about done with school and jumping ship to run away south and get back closer to home ...

so, way too much information but but but am still in love with the sky!

and and and i am working on a philadelphia skyline for someone and am trying to find the right vibe for it ... and other skylines help

good night!

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