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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

dready - meet my wilson

                      dready 'wilson's other roles, hamlet' - image

i'd been listening to some 'gramcasts', about change, during our mandatory isolation - we'd been in Jamaica when the coronavirus started to run rampant in europe and spread to the americas, so when we came home we had to go into mandatory isolation ...

anyhow, the man behind the gramcasts had also started an initiative #meetmywilson to let people who felt isolated and not just in isolation know that they were not alone and had asked me if i would participate ..

the idea of a wilson comes from the tom hanks movie 'cast away' in which he created a friend, wilson, out of a volleyball, to keep him company in his alone-ness and despair ...

and i thought ... what if i imagined wilson as an actor, a character rather than an object ...

you know, when david asked me if i had done a 'wilson', yet, i said no, i hadn't and i said that although i was in isolation i was not isolated and i didn't want to be false about it ... but he asked that i do it not as an indication of my own feelings during the lockdown but to let people, who are anxious and lonely, know that they were being thought about.

one love ...

livity ...

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

dready art 4 dogs and a cat

                  dready 'where's the cat islay, where's the cat' - 12x18 - original commission on canvas

I wouldn't want to be a cat in this household!

say puss!

when I was growing up if you had a mouthful of dry biscuit or cookie or cracker somebody would invariably say 'say puss' because if you say puss the dry crumbs spray everywhere ... and y'all laugh.

puss ...

dready and captain kirk

       dready 'that ball's gone where no ball has gone before' - 36x13 - original commission on canvas

because I don't really play golf I was racking my brain to know where the twist in this dready might come from and so looking up some phrases on the internet, I came across - 'a captain kirk' ... a ball that has gone where no ball has gone before.

and then the fun started.

now lemme just say I never really liked star trek that much, certainly never liked the in between years with pickard and whomever else and thought the movies were all terrible, until the chris pine star treks ... i like the chris pine star treks BUT who doesn't love the persona of william shatner ...

four ...

and peace and love ...

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

dready flip flops in adversity

                    dready flip flops in hong kong (photo by Willie Gee 2020)

even in the midst of madness people find time for humour - this was taken by a friend, and the owner of very cool pair of dready flip flops ...

in them anything is possible including the ability to smile in the face of adversity ...

peace ...

and love ...

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

dready ordinary life

          cane cutter in jamaica

driving through the cane harvest yesterday ...

i didn't grow up around sugar cane farms but around and on dairy, cattle and horse farms ... and around 'heavy equipment' sooooo, ya know, all the machinery related to crop farming is fascinating to me ...

farmer ... ish

dready and kpmg

            mural on the 4th floor was the first installation of what essentially was a year of work on commissioned drawings for KPMG.

            points of view

           subjects that matter

         all three small board rooms have different art

the boardrooms when originally measured had showed the fire alarms in completely different positions - and as you see them now they were moved again after the installation to make room for the art.

           on different themes

         the main boardroom has an history timeline of kpmg international

this was a very cool piece including the history of the company, in cayman, in a timeline and representations of all the partners that ever were.

        and the main lobby art

the main lobby art is a 'conceptual' piece based on the corporate ethos and origin statements as told to me by the managing partner.

(all photos by elena mcdonough photography)