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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

dready and captain kirk

       dready 'that ball's gone where no ball has gone before' - 36x13 - original commission on canvas

because I don't really play golf I was racking my brain to know where the twist in this dready might come from and so looking up some phrases on the internet, I came across - 'a captain kirk' ... a ball that has gone where no ball has gone before.

and then the fun started.

now lemme just say here that I never really liked star trek that much, certainly never liked the in between years with pickard and whomever else and thought the movies were all terrible - forgive me please all trekkies out there, give a man some space to have his foibles - that is until the chris pine star treks ... i like the chris pine star treks

BUT that said who doesn't love the public personas of william shatner and george takai ... and the cinema persona of Mr Spock, whomever plays him ...

Live long and prosper ...

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